Hi I’m Amy!
I help women escape the corporate grind to launch & scale six and seven figure businesses - without the hustle.

Why Amy and Studio in a Box?

I GET YOU!  I spent over fifteen years in corporate America and was literally dying a little bit every day!  I felt PULLED to do something bigger and better.  And I YEARNED to make a difference in other women's lives!  I left a six figure finance career to launch my first studio.  But without systems or guidance, I made a few HUGE mistakes that cost me over $75,000 in just the first year, and over $250,000 over the next five years.  And the bigger disappointment is that because of a lot of those mistakes, I was going to struggle to replace my six figure income, and as the primary breadwinner for my family, we NEEDED that money!

I had always planned on opening two studios, so when I opened my second studio, I avoided all those things I messed up the first time.  The second studio wasn't just more successful and profitable, it was THREE TIMES MORE SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE! 

I knew that I wanted to help other women build businesses that they loved that truly allowed them to have more time with their families AND make great money!  That type of business doesn't happen on accident!  Many studio owners don't understand that when they first get started, and end up buying themselves a JOB!  My goal is to help you build a BUSINESS!  

Eventually, I wrote the franchise manuals for one of the large international fitness franchises!  I've created my own half a million dollar studios and helped launch other half a million dollar studios!  Studios that TRULY are the businesses of women's dreams!

I have helped launch over 45 studios that offer barre, yoga, TRX, bootcamp, boxing, cycling, dance, and more!  And women that follow the established process WILL get results!

If you're looking to build a multi six figure studio that allows you to own the business, spend time with your family and friends, travel, and be your own boss - I'm here to help you do it RIGHT, avoiding the big, costly mistakes, WITHOUT spending $50,000 on franchise fees!  

Studio in a Box will provide you with the established, proven, successful, business systems you need to build the life of your dreams!

What Studio In a Box Covers and Includes

Personal Financial Preparation

  • Get your personal financial house in order and ready to run a business.
  • Create financial systems that help you prepare yourself to invest in a new business! 
  • How much do you need to open your studio, and how long will it take to build the rest or get financing? 
  • Ensuring you have all the necessary documents, systems, and protections for your PERSONAL situation before applying for financing, signing a lease, or opening your doors!

Business Financial Preparation

  • Review funding sources such as personal savings, grants, and various types of business loans that could be available for you to get the MOST money possible for your business, with the LEAST COST TO YOU!

Prelaunch Module:

  • Legal Preparation - This includes the REAL legal templates that you will use in running your business - that cost us over $15,000 to have created for the program!  This is a HUGE value to studio owners!!!
  • We will teach you HOW to write your business, plan, but we will also include the DONE FOR YOU TEMPLATES that have been used to get single studios over $100,000 in financing!
  • We will teach you how to create your own real financial projections.  But we will also include REAL, done for you Financial Projections and REAL EDITABLE TEMPLATES that you can use in getting financing or providing to potential landlords during the lease negotiations.  These are HUGELY important for any studio owner!

Identifying Your Target Market

  • One of the biggest challenges many studios have is that they don't understand how to differentiate themselves from their competition.  We will help you create your target market, classes, programming, and marketing messages that help you stand out in a competitive market place!  
  • How to create packages and services to encourage client loyalty, referrals, and retention
  • ​How to create your class schedule for maximum client participation.
  • Writing your business plan and designing financial projections - and getting financing

​Location/Build Out/Start Up

  • ​How to find the best location (for maximum profitability - this one is HUGE)
  • How to negotiate your lease to get MAXIMUM incentives - There is the potential to save at least $15,000 - $50,000 through JUST this one piece of the program!
  • Avoid the costly pitfalls that often show up in a commercial lease
  • ​How to get “boots on the ground” location support at no cost to you
  • How to find and hire the best contractor - saving the MOST money possible in your build out!
  • How to build out the space for maximum clientele and profitability - square footage, layout, etc.
  • ​How to build out the space for maximum safety - Don't risk your assets with a costly mistake.  Make sure your space is built safely, and that you have protected yourself and your family.
  • ​Finding the best racks, storage, hardware, software, etc on a budget for your studio set up
  • Building out the nicest space possible at the lowest possible cost - remember that if you invest $150,000 in build out, you have to earn at least $150,000 in net cash flow to truly ever earn a profit in your business!  Save as MUCH as possible here - building out the nicest space you can, at the lowest cost!
  • Building out a retail strategy that generates huge profits - complete with best vendors and set up!
  • Where to get the best quality mats, props, socks, music, and more - at the absolute best possible prices! 


  • Identifying your Unique Selling Proposition - what set you apart - and how to present that in a competitive market place
  • Writing your marketing plan that will serve as the roadmap for marketing decisions! 
  • Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote your business
  • Identifying the BEST potential marketing opportunities for your business, to reach ONLY your perfect clients - without spending money on the things that don't work!
  • Using Facebook Ads to target and advertise to ONLY your target client!
  • Using LinkedIn to find corporate and community partners who will promote your business to THEIR sphere of influence! 
  • ​Using events and promotions to create community and client loyalty
  • ​How to get no cost press to increase studio visibility and credibility.
  • ​How to pre-market your studio to have people signing up when you open - There is little worse than having a bunch of classes that no one shows up for - or classes that you are paying instructors to teach with little to no client participation.  Get some of the key ways to PRE - market your studio so you have a client base before you ever open your doors!
  • ​How to hire a PR firm and what to look for (if desired)
  • How to host and promote a fabulous grand opening that isn't just a fun party, but is a HUGE MONEY MAKING opportunity!


  • ​How to hire and train the best staff - These are your representatives when you are not in the studio.  It is important that you hire and train well to ensure maximum client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • How to hire and train the best instructors - Your instructors are one of the main things that keep clients coming back again and again.  How to find, hire, train, compensate, and supervise your team of instructors for maximum RESULTS!!!
  • Get our REAL, EDITABLE Template job descriptions, job postings, and CONTRACTS!
  • Sample Staff Training Videos
  • Get our REAL EDITABLE, Template Training Manuals that you can make your own for all staff training!
  • Avoid future legal problems by creating CLEAR, contracts, manuals, systems, communications, and more - to guide all future staffing!


  • ​How to create a great client experience and create client loyalty
  • ​How to engage clients in a way for maximum retention.
  • ​Using software, social media, and PR to increase studio visibility and grow your client base.
  • Training your staff on the basics of how to use your software solutions, and using software to streamline and automate your client experience and marketing!
  • ​How to teach your staff to sell your memberships and services without being high pressure.
  • Get access to our real staffing systems and checklists to ensure best staff participation, client experience, sales, and revenues! 
  • Managing your finances - revenue, payroll, expenses, profits - monthly, quarterly, and annual taxes - whether you do it yourself or hiring a book keeper or CPA! 

If you have been dreaming of the possibility of launching your own studio - and you are ready to take that next step, DON'T GO ALONE!  

If you want the BEST business life has to offer, you find someone that has gone before you, and you get help achieving that dream!

I have been hiring mentors and coaches since my first year in business. My second studio was THREE TIMES MORE PROFITABLE than my first studio - because of all the lessons learned!

Hear from past clients 

Open a Barre Studio without the fees or rules of a franchise - Client Rita

If you are considering opening up your own barre studio, I HIGHLY recommend Amy Mewborn and Studio In A Box! I will be opening the doors to my new studio in two weeks and simply could not have done this without Amy’s knowledge, expertise, advice, humor and friendship. I was trying to decide between just the SIB and the Full Package, with added one-on-one time with Amy. After receiving a glowing testimonial from another client of Amy’s, my decision was simple - I went all in. It was one of the easiest (and best) decisions I have made.

While the abundant information and resources in the SIB portal are valuable time and money savers, I have found the most value and support in my direct contact with Amy (my “Amy Dates”). Our entire process of opening our studio was just a few months and Amy’s analogy of “drinking water through a fire hose” was spot on (I recommend having a bit more lead time, if you enjoy things like sanity and sleep)! In addition to her vast knowledge and experience (lease negotiations build out, staffing, marketing, etc.),
Amy is honest, professional, personable, kind, and fun. Opening a studio has been my dream for the past 8 years. My investment in Amy and SIB has been worth every penny. She has been my consultant, my counsel, my guide, my rock and my friend. And that, is invaluable to me.


Barre Certification and Online Barre Certification and How to open a barre studio without a barre franchise

I have been planning on opening a studio since I was 5 years old. I dreamed about what I would teach and how I would decorate and that my dad would build it for me. But then, I moved from my tiny town to Silicon Valley, California and I realized that I’d be competing with franchises that had entire boards dedicated to curriculum and purchasing and music! How to compete with these fitness giants who made their money telling their studio owners what to do? At first I went through the process of franchising and was accepted...twice, but both times I felt a tiny voice that told me I didn’t need panels of strangers telling me how to run my dream. That voice also chided that I had no idea how to open a studio that would compete with the Pure Barres and Core Powers in my area, so I started to research.

I found Amy and Studio in a Box by complete accident when I was researching a particular franchise and discovered the only two near me had been closed. I wanted to know why, (was it market, was it not viable, was it by choice?) and so I messaged Amy on Linkedin. She called me the next day to explain that it wasn’t the market, it was definitely viable, and yes it was by choice as she had reclaimed her studio from the franchise and was now helping other women to do the same. It was like my barre guardian angel speaking as I learned that I could have help and a program to follow without selling my rights and paying someone 10% of my gross earnings.
I booked my plane ticket that week and was in Amy’s living room a few weeks later. I was the very first Studio in a Box client, so I had no one to ask and no one to vouch for the success of Studio in a Box, but I went for it and it was without a doubt the best money I have spent for my studio to date. Studio in a Box is fantastic; it walks you through your business plan, studio build out, hiring packets, and props. Literally, everything you need is in an online portal that walks you from step one to step 100. How to protect your brand by trademarking it, (feel free to look up Flex Fusion Studios, we are a registered mark!) how to find employees, how to register your business with the state. Licenses and permitting and things that when I said I wanted to own a studio I never would have guessed, and I am a third generation entrepreneur! The logistics of business ownership - that is where Amy shines and where she saved me time and time again.
Starting a studio is scary. Owning a studio is terrifying. But it is also fulfilling, and gratifying and rewarding and there is nothing like meeting a new client and saying, “Hi, I’m the owner.” Do it, but have help. I’m not sure when Amy sleeps, but I know she never ignored a late night email or a desperate “what do I do?!” text message. There are things I would change about my process to studio ownership, but I would choose Studio in a box every time.

Good luck!


Barre Certification and Online Barre Certification and How to open a barre studio without a barre franchise

​I cannot say enough wonderful things about Amy's Studio in a Box program.  My studio is now open and I'm beginning to live the life I have always dreamed.  I had contemplated opening a franchise and had been speaking with one in particular but I had always heard that you were buying yourself a job when you buy into a franchise...which is what I wanted to leave.  They also required very high liquidity and required me to quit my job.  I thirsted for the freedom to do what I wanted and to have the flexibility without rules and fees, but also wanted (and needed) the support.
I would not have gotten my loan or a real estate agent to take me seriously without the documents provided for a business plan and financial projections within the program.  Creating these documents from scratch would have taken forever since I have zero experience in the management of a studio.  The operations manual, instructor guide, and client forms were a huge time saver and had ideas in them that I hadn't thought to implement.  I continue to reference all the documentation and it is the first place I go if I'm running into an issue and not sure what to do.  Also, Amy is always available for a quick question and wants you to succeed.  I highly recommend it for anyone dreaming of starting a studio without the franchise fees, while maintaining true creative freedom.  


Amy’s program is exceptional.  She is a very caring person.  She goes above and beyond to assist and help you succeed.  She provided every bit of feedback I requested when asking for assistance.  Amy checked on me on a regular basis.  I would highly recommend her program versus trying to wing it or go it alone.  It is tough out there and if I had to do it all over again I would still have signed up for her program.
The most valuable pieces to me were the wealth of documents containing information that I needed prior to opening.  This would include:

  • ​the checklists
  • ​the HR forms
  • ​the ad templates for hiring instructors
  • ​the equipment links, etc

ALL OF THIS was extremely helpful!
In addition, I was able to take the information from the marketing and PR section and get local media coverage for my events!​

As I started out my dream of having my very own studio, I really didn’t think I would be able to NOT go with a franchise.
I just didn’t think I had enough business and marketing knowledge to start up a studio from scratch.
I came across Amy and her business on the internet, and was intrigued. She seemed to have everything spelled out for someone like me, who just didn’t know where to start. As I looked deeper into the world of franchises, I realized how limited I would be, financially and creatively, to start up this dream. I decided to take advantage of scheduling a call with Amy, just to learn about what she could do and if it was really possible to start up my very own studio.
I was pleasantly surprised when we spoke on the phone, there were no high pressure gimmicks, or lots of salespeople transferring me to different departments. It was just Amy, and she was very knowledgeable and also very patient with all of my questions.
I decided to hire Amy to be my consultant for my business because I could tell she was trustworthy, dependable and she really was interested in what MY vision for my studio. She has continued to be available to me whenever I need something or have a question.
We have weekly meetings via FaceTime or telephone, she never makes me feel unimportant. Her studio in a box business program is a packed with everything I could think of that I needed for my business.
If there is a form or document out there that you need, Amy has it! I have been able to get sound advice on my studio build out, marketing ideas, and encouragement on a personal level.
She is everyone’s cheerleader!   
I have not regretted my decision to hire Amy. I can’t imagine the stress I would be under if I had decided to go with a franchise--the fees, the monthly royalty payments, the lack of personal expression… the list goes on.
If you have a dream of owning your own studio, Amy’s so worth it!


Opening my studios was absolutely the BEST decision I have ever made! And I want to make YOUR possibilities  even BETTER than mine!!  Get access to a proven success system to help you build a FUN, PROFITABLE, BUSINESS OF YOUR DREAMS!!!!

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