Why Your Net Income is THE #1 Metric in Your Business – with Ariane Trelaun

Today’s episode of Turning Lemons Into Lemonade features Ariane Trelaun. Ariane is a money expert – who specializes in helping women control their business finances.

We had a really fascinating conversation about mindset, fears, and self doubt.

Ariane told a story that we hear a lot from women entrepreneurs. She had years of experience, but she had internal feelings of inadequacy. Because of this internal fear, she was afraid that people wouldn’t value her expertise, so she invested $26,000 in a certification and program – that did nothing to help improve her skills!

Her own self doubt led her to spend money on education and events that she didn’t need, in the search for “validity”.

We talked a lot about knowing your numbers, and why it is so important to measure not only your gross numbers, but especially your expenses and net income!

We also talked about the challenges of pricing when you’re first starting your business!  It is often hard to know the value of your product and what the market will bear the first time, so as women, we often underprice our services!

One of my FAVORITE parts of our conversation was the fact that what you measure improves and that if you’re chasing a big income number, that you’re often creating a life that wasn’t really what you intended.  Ariane considers this the “Hustle to Chill” factor.  And we discussed that in my quest to break seven figures, I was often the most unhappy in my business because I was managing a beast that didn’t leave a lot left for me – in terms of net income or time off!

Ariane said that her big AHA and big breakthrough in her business came when she quit the traditional service model of trading dollars for hours and traveling to her clients, to instead offering packages and remote meetings!  That is when she started to truly live the business life she longed for!

She told the story that we all fear – launching something that flopped – and how she recovered!

Ariane’s recommended books are:
The Big Leap
The War of Art

The Big Leap is one that I read myself at least once a year, and one that I recommend to all my clients looking for a breakthrough in their life or business!

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