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According to the United States Chamber of Commerce, businesses with established success systems have a 97% success rate within 5 years of opening; whereas, businesses without these established tools have a comparatively low success rate of only 48% in their first 5 years.

What does that mean to you? A person that has a franchise or a system behind them has at least a 50% more likely chance of having a successful business after 5 years.

​With Amy’s Studio In a Box™ program, you will learn how to avoid some of the largest mistakes made in business start up and save yourself over $50,000 – $100,000 per year in business operational costs! How do we know? Because Amy made those mistakes and created a process to help others avoid what she experienced.

But in addition to extensive cost savings, Studio in a Box™ will also show you how to launch a studio quickly and successfully to make more money in your studio in less than 60 days! Did you know? Many successful studios are making between $250,000 and $500,000 per year!

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Open Your Own Studio

With Studio in a Box™, you will receive the systems and support that you would get with a barre franchise, while still allowing you the opportunity to customize your business model to best fit your clientele. Why? Because, we want you to have the freedom and ability to do it your way on your terms.

Interested? Schedule a free-consultation with Amy herself and allow her to share with you all the benefits of becoming a barre studio owner.

​You will learn everything you need to know to teach a fun, safe, barre class to clients of all ages and fitness levels!

​​Module 1: Principles of ballet and pilates and how they relate to class.

Module 2: Ballet and pilates terminology.

Module 3:  Anatomy and physiology – Common injuries and how to make modifications and what to look for in class related to injuries and safety.

Module 4: Modifications and special populations – After learning the basics about common injuries, learn specific modifications and how to deal with clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Module 5: Progressions and amplifications – As lients get stronger, continue to challenge them to work to their full potential.

Module 6: Pre and post natal – the major items to focus on (and avoid) when working with pre and post natal clients.

Module 7: Class programming – How to program a 60 minute class to work the entire body, as well as how to make every class different.  Learn two to four different options for class formats to ensure that your clients are always getting a fabulous and unique workout.

Module 8: Cuing and musicality – Learn how to provide cues and speak to music. Use the pace of your music to set the level of cardio, the intensity of the muscle work. Learn HOW to use music that best represents what you want to accomplish in class and where to get the best music for a barre class. Certification includes five full playlists to practice with and teach your first classes ($100 Value)

Modules 9-14:  Warm up, cardio integrations, upper body, lower body, core floor/cool down, stretches. Receive individual exercise videos, as well as a PDF manual to help you learn each exercise, its modifications, its amplifications, and how it can be used in a class.

Module 15: If you have ever dreamed of opening your own studio, this is your chance to learn more about what it takes to open your own studio and how you can get the help you may need in opening your own successful studio – without the fees and rules of a franchise.

​​Online Certification:

  • ​Online Exercise Videos
  • ​PDF Manual
  • ​Anatomy Training
  • List ​​Ballet Principles
  • ​Pilates Principles
  • ​1 Year Forum

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​Why Studio In a Box™ vs. a Barre franchise or another fitness franchise?

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​Will I actually make money owning my own studio?

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“Amy’s program is exceptional. She is a very caring person. She goes above and beyond to assist and help you succeed. She provided every bit of feedback I requested when asking for assistance. Amy checked on me on a regular basis. I would highly recommend her program versus trying to wing it or go it alone. The wealth of documents containing information that I needed prior to opening – this would include the checklist, the HR forms, the ad template for hiring instructors, the equipment links, etc ALL OF THIS was extremely helpful.”

– Kathy H.