How the best coach might not be the best coach for you right now

In this episode of Turning Lemons Into Lemonade, you’re going to hear about the first business coach that I hired.  She was a FABULOUS business coach. I was newer in business.  And as soon as we started working together, she encouraged me to look at my business from a completely different perspective.  She helped me create new income streams.  And the MASTERMIND – OH MY GOODNESS!  It was SO good.  The people I met that year ended up being some of my very best friends.  The program was AWESOME!  But it was very very very expensive.

I decided to renew for a second year.  And that was when it became obvious that it wasn’t the best fit for me.  As I was really digging into digital marketing, facebook ads, google ads, and a lot of tech, that wasn’t her strength – or that of any of the people in my group.  The program that was EXACTLY what I needed the first year, wasn’t the right fit in the second year.

It wasn’t the coach’s fault.  Honestly, I have found that I tend to do the best with a different coach each year.  It helps me see my business differently – versus getting complacent or stagnant!

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