Bigger is NOT Always Better In Your Business With Christine Whitmarsh

This is sure to become a favorite episode of many!  Christine Whitmarsh really is the impetus for this podcast.  We had worked together and become friends in the past, and she had a situation show up in her business when she was feeling pretty down and depressed with the business she had created!

One day, I was standing outside a Starbucks in Encinitas, CA and Christine realized that she had built this big business, with this big team – and that it wasn’t what she actually wanted for her business.  She was generating well over $100k per year in her business.  But her team was taking a LARGE portion of this income.  And the part that she loved most about her business – the interacting with her clients, the authors – she had delegated that to her team.  She felt like a failure.  She didn’t want the business she had created.  And she said, “I wish there was a place that I could watch videos from other business owners who have had these struggles, and they would share how they got through it!”

Imagine one day waking up and realizing that you built this large business, with a large team – that didn’t resemble the business that you really wanted to run!

Christine was SO brave!  She actually decided to DOWNSIZE her business.  To eliminate parts of her team, and to get back to the elements in her business that she truly loved!  She sold her house.  She moved across the country.  She changed how she spends her days.  She changed her business.  And she changed her life!

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