How to Build a Business That Accommodates Your Life with Lori Mercer

How to Build a Business That Accommodates Your Life with Lori Mercer

In this episode of Turning Lemons Into Lemonade I interviewed Lori Mercer, the founder of How She Quits.  Lori described how she left a 20 year corporate career to start her business as a freelancer and then has become a business mentor to women who want to quit their 9-5 jobs!

She talked about how to build a side hustle and a side brand, while you’re still employed, and then make the transition out of corporate!  She shared how sometimes when you’re building your own business, you get wrapped up in serving and growing, but build a business and client base that no longer serves your lifestyle; telling a story of how one spring break she realized that she had a large client that was holding her back from time with her family.  But despite knowing it wasn’t a great fit, she was afraid to lose the income.

However, she got up the courage to have the tough conversation, terminated the relationship and lost $5,000/mo in revenue!  But almost immediately, other opportunities started showing up, things she would not have been able to do while still keeping this large client!

Lori also shared some wonderful wisdom around starting a freelance business versus large online launches.  We discussed how the large online launch really can create stress in a business, and that for people looking to leave corporate, they often find that starting a freelance business is a great first step!

Lori’s top resource/advice is to get a business mentor!  She said to find a business mentor who has successfully done what you want to do and learn from them what you can!

You can find Lori at How She Quits.

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